Free Time/Activities

The Fun Timez

We don't even have to say it.


Activities and games are an opportunity during free time. Enjoy them!

Billard Ball a.k.a. Pool



Foosball and (Around the World) Ping Pong



The goal of Around the World Ping Pong was four players would take each side of the table and run around it in one direction.
When the ball is hit to the other side of the table, the player on that side of the table at the moment would be responsible for hitting
the ball back to the other side and so on.  If a player fails to hit the ball over (with ping pong standard rules) then that player would
give up his paddle to the next player waiting in line and would have to do ten push-ups.





                                                   Uno                                                                                                                            Shampoo





Read a Book


Feel free to hang around... :3


...Or Lay around.




Tug of War (Picnic)


Touhmong Lor/Matthew Moua