This year in Art class we did Black and White Self portraits in white chalk, crayon, and color pencil.

                                                    On the first day of Art, we were asked by our teacher Rockin Ryan Preibe to make a grid using a ruler

                                                    and a pencil onto a BIG black piece of poster board. During that time the RA that was with us took pictures of us so we

                                                    can draw in ourselves on the grid later. The next time we met, we drew in ourselves onto the grid ,

                                                    with the help of the pictures that the RA took. After we were finished drawing ourselves in, we

                                                    started shading in the board with white chalk. After everyone finished, it ALL turned out super cool.

                                                    ART class was SUPER fun AND was a BLAST hanging out with Mr. Priebe.


    MR. Preibe posing with Decepticons white Board


mee By Mee Thao   kathy By Kathy Yang
kathy pictures


       lee Lee Chang               jenny Jenny Her


        By Stephanie Chang  




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Brianna Yang                                                DJ Yang                                                          

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Frank Yang