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This year, again at Upward Bound, the Upward Bound students along with the CAP students put on a Talent show for teachers, family and friends. It gave students the opportunity to show off their amazing talents. Everyone who participated did an exceptionially well job.


1. Star Spangled Banner - Mary's class
2. Way Back into Love - Blong Moua and Shoua Lee
3. How to Save a Life - Kao Yang
4. Heaven - Pang Lee and Yingsu Her
5. Mi Noog - Xeng Lee and Gao Lou Yang
6. Folk Tune - Bernadette Yang
7. Won't Even Start - Timlim (guitar played by Meekay)
8. Poetry Reading - Fong Yang
9. Take Me to Your Hear - Wangmeng Lor and Kao Moua
10. Hallelujah - See Thao (Meekay as guitar player)
11. Falling Slowly - Stephanie Chang (Xeng Lee as guitar player)
12. Thai dance - Annie Lor, Jany Kong, Hnuku Vang, Kuppa Xiong, Pa Houa Yang, and Pang Lee
13. Melt the Snow - Kashia Xiong
14. Us Against the World - Sia chang
15. Replay - Stephanie Chang, Pang Chia Yang, Mai Kia Moua, and Mee Thao
16. Umbrella parody - Scott Sergant and Yingsu Her
17. Hula Dance Remix - Dang Xiong, Tou Za Xiong, Bai Khang, Mitchelle Lee, Chee Nou Vang, Doua Thao, and Vong Xiong
+ and a special performance done by Meekay Her - Can I Stay Here Forever


Way Back into Love - Blong Moua and Shoua Lee.

Falling Slowly - Stephanie Chang and Xeng Lee

Hula Dance Remix - The boys

Here are some pictures and video clips taken during the Talent Show. ENJOY.

2009 by Pang Lee, Kao Yang, and Sia Chang