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(responsible adults)

oh yeah...haha. blame it on them...haha


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^ YingSu ^

aww. isn't he's adorable with that "paper heart hair clip... ?

smile Yingsu and don't worry...we'll get a picture of you....

but stay energetic and active...


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^ MeeKay ^

ohh.. Meekay.

don't touch your ipod too much...

Mitchelle just might accidently take it...haha

stay outgoing..


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^ Andrew ^

Andrew Andrew...

guess what guess what?

we have other noodles for you to try.......hahah.

anyway, stay fun


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^ YangYee aka Chong lee^


your the most silliest girl....so gullible

but stay cute and cool...


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^ Ann ^


your the most stylist RA ever ...

stay pretty and young..


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^ Emily ^

Your the funniest girl ever...

your able to shine someone's day with your silly acts...

keep up the good work.

while your at it, stay beautiful and sweet.


Thank you RA.s. You guys rock our Upward Bound this yr.

Thank you so much for the memories and hope to see you all again next summer....

Also since you guys are responsible for "mostly everything",

don't get into too  much trouble...=)

overall, have a fantastic year.