UB 2008 Talent Show

What is the UB Talent show

  "It's an end of the year entertainment
where students show off their talents to their peers."

Participants of Talent Show this year


Blong Moua playing the Piano!

Pan Der Yang, See Thao, Pang Dao Yang, Sia Chang, and Pang Lee Singing a Hmong song!

Kara Ninabuck Singing "Summertime"

Pang Lee and Kuppa Xiong Singing "The Tide is High"

Der Yang, Mai Kor Moua, Linda Vue, Linda Xiong,

 Sue See Xiong, Lao Pao Moua, PaHoua Yang, and Kathy Chang Dancing to a mixed beat

Barry Xiong, Dang Xiong, and Bee Van Her Singing "Nobody Knows"!

Pam Xiong, Hnuka Yang, and Karen Her Singing "Footprints in the sand!"

Teng Yang Singing and playing guitar to "The Call!"

Kaew Lor and Pang Dao Yang Singing "Bye Bye"

See Thao, Sia Chang, Pang Lee, and Pang Dao Yang Singing "Row, Row, Row Song"

Ariel Shidell Singing "Amazing Love"

Pan Der Yang and Xeng Lor Singing "A Whole New World!"

Kong Xiong, Toua Xiong, and Larrnix Moua Doing a piece that they wrote

Kathy Chang, Mai Kor Moua, and Linda Vue Singing "Mi Noog"

And the mystery contestants...

Meekay Her Singing a Christian song

YingSu Her Singing "Cookies and Bubble Tea Song"


And the Winners are...

Blong Moua, Dance Group, Teng Yang, and The written piece by Toua Xiong, Kong Xiong, and Larrnix Moua!!