Upward Bound's RA and Teacher

The Residentual Assistance


....The Teachers....

The English teacher [Deb] and Jany Kong.

The German teacher [Mrs. Frau Stachovak] and Jany Kong.

The Art teacher [Preibe].

The Math teacher [Mr. Helsten].

The Science teacher [Scott].

....The Creators....

FrOm LeFt To RiGhT: PICTURE #1:Hnuku, Jany, Bao, Pam, and Jenny. PICTURE #2: Hnuku, Bao, Jenny, Jany, and Pam! ^.^

Bao Thao:I thank Upward Bound for giving me the privilege chance to experience college life!

Hnuku Yang:I really enjoy my time here at Upward Bound. I had an great experience and I had fun. Meeting new people wasn't as bad as I thought. Especially meeting my roommate. I'm glad that I roomed up with her. I learned new things about her and everything in this program. I want to thank those people who gave me this opportunity to come to this program. Because of them, this opportunity gave me a chance to see how life in college is like and how it's like to meet new people. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! ^_^V


Jany Kong:I enjoyed Upward Bound really much. It was a very fun experienced and I will treasure it for life. Meeting many people were the coolest of all. It was a great experience.^_^

Jenny Xiong: Upward Bound has given me an opportunity to meet new people, and learn new things. It has made me more confident in growing up, and going to college. I'm glad to have met all these new people and sad that many will be leaving. Upward Bound has made me more confident and the RAs and Staff's have been a big help to me in many ways. Thank you everyone!!


Pam Xiong:I believe coming to Upward Bound has been a great experience. I was able to meet new people and it was really fun getting to know all the students here, especially the RAs. My knowledge has grown. This will be an experience that i will never forget!!!!!

ThE eNd!! ThAnKs FoR dRoPpInG bY!!!!