As you enter the UWMC Fieldhouse, you'll find the information board that has hours for the gym, swimming pool, weight room, intramural sports schedules, and varsity sports schedules. A racquetball court is just down the hall.

"Too much chlorine and yes... I am complaining." - Blong




                                                                                                                                                                                     "I think he's stuck." - Blong

Tube Battle!

"That's hardcore..." - Blong


Upward Bound Volleyball!

The intense battle!

People from left to right: Wang, Teng, Kao, Toua, Linda, Blong and Lao Pao.
"An intense battle indeed!" - Blong

People from left to right: Linda, Lao Pao, Kathy, Blong (blocked), Suesee.

"Truly the best team ever! :)" - Blong


Thee' Upward Bound Students Opinions on UWMC Gym Life

"It's fun experiencing meeting new people in the gym and what they can do." - Mitchelle Lee

"I was like...uhm...interesting." - Xeng Lor

"It was really fun and it was the thing to look forward to this week." - Tou Lee

"It was pretty funnnn~, it was fun messing with everyone. *Mwauhahahahaha! Love and Peace!" - Bai Khang

"I think the whole gym experience was more exciting than ever.  It was awesome to meet everyone I didn't before!" -PaHoua Yang

"I almost drown and it was not the best experience, but yet it was still a good experience and I learned how to swim*laughs*." - Blong Moua


Created by: Blong Moua