This year in art class, we created portrait paintings of multiculturalism.  Each person took their own picture of what they
defined as multiculturalism.  They drew the picture and painted it with the techniques using: impressionism, acrylic
painting [wash], grid to draw, free draw [drawing only the outline of what you see not what you know], and others.


"You don't take a photograph, you make it."
-Ansel Adams






"If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your
attitude. Don't complain."
~ Maya Angelou




Q:  What did you think about art class?

Ariel- It was fun and time went by fast.  Mr. Priebe was fun & enjoyable.
Meekay-  It was the freedom of paint and how it flows.
Der-  Priebe made art FUN!
Katman-  It was fun to be messy. Ummm, RESPECT!  YEST!
Kor-  It was different.
Linda-  A place where your mind was free and you could do whatever.
Jany-  The best class!
Pam-  I loved it!  [ I like painting ]
Hnuku-  It was fun seeing Mr. Priebe's tricks.
Bao-  FUN!
Jenny-  It's a good way to express yourself and you can do anything.
Lao-  colorful, messy, and inspiring


**Student's drawing portraits.

"Time extracts various values from a painter's work.
When these values are exhausted the pictures are
forgotten, and the more a picture has to give, the
greater it is."

Henri Matisse