mazement Park



On a Monday evening we traveled to Marion.  There our UB group enjoyed racing through the maze.  It was challenging but mostly everyone managed to reach the end.  Those who couldn't survive the confusion gave up and took the easy way out.

Our goal was to reach each tower and stamp our get LOST cards.  Each tower contained a letter which forms the word LOST.  The first ones to get each letter stamped has to find their way back out of the maze.



      (( Photo of part of the MAZE ))

Get Lost



Mai Coua: " The Maze was EXCELLENT! "

Linda: " The Maze was HOTT, FUN, and Tiring."

Saly: " The Maze was Exhausting, Sticky, and I'll never get lost AGAIN. "

Toua: "It was confusing!"

Sue See: "It was Long and Tiring but FUN"

Pan Der: "It was exciting!"

Pha Khue: " I had so much fun! It was so hot that day and I sweat like HECK! "

   The WHOLE UB group!!!










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