Creation by: Wang, Pakou Xiong, Pan Der, and Pa Houa

What is Upward Bound to every student
attending it this year?

Upward Bound to me is…

Sue See Xiong:  “an opportunity to meet new people!”
Pa Kou Lee:  “a pre-college summer course.”
Mai Coua Xiong:  “the BOMB!”
Linda Xiong:  “a stage of getting ready for college!”
Bee Van Her:  “a way to experience how college is!”
See Thao:  “a program in the summer that helps you prepare for college and to know your weaknesses and
Lee Thao:  “a free get away from home which helps me with school work!”
Towa Xiong:  “freedom!”
Saly Lor:  “party like a rock star white taking college classes!”
Linda Vue:  “upward bound!”
Nalee Lor:  “eat yucky food!”
Lao Pao Moua:  “a great place to learn and meet new people.  During the last few weeks I met many people
I can never forget!  It also gave me the feel about college.”
Pan Der Yang:  “a time to learn in the summer and feel how it is like in college and most importantly, meet new people!”
Barry Xiong:  “a cool place you can hangout and still stay in school.”

Alex Butterfield:  “its fun and a great opportunity for college and a good place to meet new people.”

Leah James:  “a chance to get a taste of what college will be like.”

Stacey Vang:  “a pre-college that gives you the opportunity and advantage of experiencing college life.

Jimmy Vang:  “Upward Bound.”

Pa Houa Yang:  “success.”

Koua Xiong:  “an opportunity for being more independence and gives you a chance to experience college.

 Chue Yee Yang:  “experience on how college is like.”

Tifanie Moua:  “getting started in college program.”

Connie Lee:  “quite an exhilarating experience.”

Larrnix Moua:  “fun!”

Tiffannie Hanson:  “a fun place to be and hang out!”

Wang Her and Pakou Xiong:  “an experience of college life.”
Kong Xiong:  “a fun experience!”
Pang Dao Yang:  “a bomb.”

Mai Kor Moua:  “fun!”

Kathy Chang:  “fun, cool, exciting an optimistic!”    

Group Pictures!

Top:  Suzie, Tiffannie, Alex, Kathy, Bee (behind), Mai Kor, Kong, Chewy, Lee, See, Saly, Toua, and Barry.
Middle:  Leah, Pa Houa, Linda Xiong, Larrnix, Koua, Jimmy, Pa kou Lee, Nalee, and Mai Coua.
Bottom:  Wang, Pakou Xiong, Pang Dao, Pan Der, Tifanie, Stacey, Connie, Lao Pao, and Linda Vue.

Group #2

Top:  Lee, Alex, Pa Houa, Linda Xiong, Jimmy, Bee, Leah, and Mr. Helsten.
Middle:  Suzie, Stacy, See, Toua, Saly, and Pa Kou Lee.
Bottom:  Pan Der, Barry, and Mai Coua.

Passing Time.

Top:  Pa kou Xiong
Middle:  PaKou Lee, Nalee, Saly, Linda Xiong, Lao Pao, Pan Der, Sue See, Pang Dao, Pa Houa
bottom:  Kong Xiong

Party Picture!