UB Activities
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Baseball Game

Lee Thao "I hate waiting in line for Baseball games"

OoOo.Oh... My... Goshers!! It's H o t !

"Go Beavers!" - (Tifanie Moua)


It's Okay Woodchucks, there's always next time


Art Museum

Wow, so pretty.  Don't you think?

Group Picture!
Oh, Look at that!  Jimmy's biceps pop'n out.  Work it.

Barry!  What are you looking at!?

What's so interesting about Lao Pao's butt?

Yep!  It's sizzling hot!  My eyes!

Pre-B  "Line up shortest to tallest!"
Students "What are we doing!?  Playing a game!?"
"Oh!  Group picture!!!!"  Aha.


"Those girls are PRETTY" said Pahoua Yang.

Kong, what are you looking at!?


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