UB Talent Show!
On June 25, 2006!

Connie LEE singing "Hopelessly Devoted to     You"
Britni  Zagorski reading poem "Like a Rose"        
Chue Fu Vang and Yee Lor duet "One and Only"
Mai Kor Moua, Mai Coua Xiong, Linda Vue singing
to "Too Little, Too Late"
Alex Butterfield Piano Solo
Hli Moua, Mai Moua Xiong singing to "If i had Only
Manee Yang, Pakou Lee, Bao Lee, Payeng Moua,
Mai Xiong dancing to "I Wanna be Bad"
Britni Zagorski playing her Saxaphone
"Think of Me"
Bao Lee and Pakou Lee singing to "Freak out, Let it Out"
Bau Bai Yang singing to "Tomorrow"              
Mai Ka Chang, Hli Moua, Connie Lee, Mai Moua Xiong,
Bau Bai Yang, Mar Kor Moua, Mai Coua Xiong,
Mai Nou Xiong dancing Thai

Winners: Connie Lee,
Bau Bai Yang, Thai Dance!