.::Special Events::.


After all our hard work at Upward bound we are treated with a trip to St. Louis. We are  going to the gateway arch to view the beautiful city of St.Louis. After viewing the city we will go to the city museum and look at the wonderful art that expresses life. also along with looking at art works and looking from an arch, we will be visiting the zoo for entertainment.  We will also be enjoying ourselves shopping around for cool clothes. This is going to be FUN because we will be dinning in cafes and this will be an experience of a lifetime for all of us. This is a moment to remember!

All the upward bound students from Wausau and Stevens Point came together and had an etiquette dinner together at the Rose Garden. We were taught at the best manners how to eat properly. After we were taught how to eat properly, we played an icebreaker game.  The purpose of game is to break the tensions between us. We had to open a gum stick with rubber gloves on, then turn around and say our name to the person behind us. The first group that was done wins! It was great getting to know others during the game, and during the dance. This was great because there was delicious food, cool people, and an awesome DJ!