What did we do in Math this Year?!

By: KaBao Yang and Mai Thao Vue


       Math this year was awesome and went by quickly.  We went from building bridges out of newspaper and scotch tape to building miniature golf courses out of wood.  Through this experience, we learned to work with one another as a team and finish together as a team.    


       While working on our miniature golf courses, we had to measure the lengths and angles of our course.  The most difficult part of this was when we transfer the scale drawing to the room floor where we were to build our golf course.  Even though we sometimes struggle, we were still able to work together to build our miniature golf course.  


Pictures of Holes




       I thought math this year was pretty interesting. I liked how we worked together as teams to create something like the miniature golf course and building newspaper bridges. It gave me a chance to know new people that joined this year. I enjoyed everything here as my last year. After all, math is a great subject.

                                              ~Mai Thao Vue~


       I had a great time in math this year.  Everything flowed smoothly.  The teacher, Mr. Stochovak, and all the students were awesome this year.  I'm glad to have been here for my last year!

                                                             ~KaBao Yang~          





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