This year in art class we did Etching Mirrors. 

We had to draw our pictures out and later sketch

it out on to the mirror.  After that we cut out the

parts that we wanted to etch.  We applied etching

cream onto the mirror.  Etching mirrors was the best

thing we did in art class.  It was fun and enjoyable,

everyone had a great time and all of our mirrors

turned out great.  




Spanish this year was great.  Everyone learned many new things,

but for others it was all just a fun review, sing sing sing.  We got to

play several fun games in Spanish class.  The most enjoyable games

were jeopardy and fly swatter.  Spanish was one of the most creative

class this year.


~Experience in class~


Spanish class was really fun this year.  It reminds me of how I can be

relax and not so focus on my homework all the time.  All the singing made

everything fun and raise everyone's spirit for the day.   It makes all of the

students including me feel really happy.

My favorite class of all though was art class.  I enjoyed it the most because

we work on art projects that I had never done before.  It was a new and

interesting experience to be doing something new.  Besides the fact that the class

was fun, our teacher Mr. Priebe; an awesome teacher got us ice creams

and popsicles.



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Hasta Manana

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