Theatre at Upward Bound this year was based on activities that helped our speech, guts, and charisma.  We played games that forced us to do silly things so that we'd feel more comfortable acting in front of each other.  We focused primarily on how one set of dialogue can be expressed differently in various situations; This activity helped us explore new ways of having fun with acting and expressing our selves.  Theater helped all the students realize that it's not just a form of entertainment, but it's also a way of self-expression.

Our Thoughts on Theater

"Theatre was a lot of fun.  It actually kept me up unlike some other classes.  I enjoyed all the games we played.  Also some of the skits they acted out during class were pretty funny.  Over all I think theatre was one of my favorite class."  
-Lou Yang

"It was cool.  I hope that in the summers to come, the new Upward Bound groups have fun with it as well."
 - Jemmy Xiong  JEMS7

"It was fun and exciting.  It was the best drama class I've ever taken!!!"
- Jer Vang

"Theater was hilarious and it was good."
- Tswj av Dawb...YES!!-
{AKA} Chue Fu Vang