El Español 

Welcome to Upward Bound 2005's Spanish class! 

Our teacher, Mrs. Summers, had been a great teacher teaching us the basics of the

language.  We enjoyed having a foreign language being taught this summer.  





Hola! ¡Mi nombre es Xai Lee!  Spanish class was very fun this year in upward bound.  We did a lot of singing and played a lot of games.  The Spanish teacher Mrs. Summers was a very fun teacher, she was very energetic and made the class zoom by.  Spanish class was one of the best classes of the upward bound program.  I have learned many things in this class for example I learned that a cow is called vacca (ba-ca).  Hahaha!  Spanish Class was a great experience!






Spanish class! IT WAS AWSOMWE!!! well this was the first time I learned spanish, and it was fun, fun, fun! well I learned a lot, and I also learned great tunes from singing...one word to describe Mrs. Summer and her class....FUN!FUN!FUN! Everybody had the best time in that class!





"Spanish class this summer has been all this and all that.  We enjoyed the songs that Mrs. Summers taught us.  A few will keep it in their head and sing themselves to sleep.  The most interesting activity we did in class was the fly swat game.  Every swat I've hit against my opponents was all luck.  I enjoyed every moment of it during the four classes we've had together."



Activities in Spanish class...


Alee and Dan in Spanish and class doing a skit.  It was about a

mom and a hungry boy, so she asks him if he wants to eat...

we had fun becauseeveryone had their own creative way of

making the skit fun!



Bao and Ye

We were having fun in spanish...haahathis class Rocks!


Here are a few songs we sang in class...



                    Tengo suerte,                         I am lucky,

                    Tengo hambre,                         I am hungry,

                    Tengo dolor, de la cabesa,            I have a headache,

                    Tengo frio,                           I am cold,

                    Tengo sed,                            I am thirsty,

                    Tengo prisa!                          I am in a hurry!



(farewell Song)



Hasta la vista!

Hasta luego!

Nos vemos!






Thanks to Upward Bound

this summer we all

learned a lot, and Spanish totally