Science 2005






Science Class 2005:

This years science class was an hour and fifteen minutes long, both in the morning and in the afternoon. Our teacher/professor was Mr. Whitaker. The theme for this year was "Arts and Visual Performance" so we learned about our vision and the human eye. It was great and exciting to do the experiments in class. We just want to say a BIG Thank You to Mr. Whitaker for taking the time to teach us again this summer.   ------ upward bound students!

Students perspective:

Science class was very fun, I had a great time, and i learned a lot.  We learned a lot about the ray of light, what colors reflect and absorb.  We learned about how the eye ball works, we even got to dissect cow eye balls; at first i was really scared, but afterwards it exciting how everything works together, it also was really interesting and fun.  For our final project in science class we made a booklet for 8-10 year olds.  It was either about color or the eye ball, something that we've learned in class, it was very fun and interesting.  We also looked at puzzler pictures, pictures that fooled with our heads, it was amazing.      

~jenny xiong~

Science was fun. I didn't think that science was going to be fun. I had always thought that science is the most boring subject ever, but this year I came to Wausau pre-college, science was fun. We did lots of experimenting. We did this one lab where we had to mix two different liquids together and we turned off the lights and the liquid was glowing in the dark. I thought that was the best thing that we did in science. Other then the glowing lab, we did color visions, dissecting a cow's eye, group project on a book for little kids and the color wavelengths and absorbance. Otherwise, science class was fun. I think everyone had a great time and so did I.

--Mai Thao Vue--

Having six hours of class, every single day during the summer sounds bad, but because of the activities and people around you just makes everything a whole lot better.  Science was one of the main classes we had every day.  We did very interesting experiments to keep us up and energetic.  For example dissecting a calf's eyeball to making a children's storybook. I had a great time learning about colors, wavelengths, the human eye etc.  I liked the fact that everything we learned, we had a following experiment to go along with it.  It made us understand more about what we were learning about.  I met new people and learned new things, it was a great experience.

---> Sophie Her =D







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