RA's:   Need help?  Call them!

Here at Upward Bound, the students are assisted by the helpful R.A.'s.  There happen to be only seven of them.  They're pretty nice.  Strict, but cool.  


These are their profiles.



Aylee Her

    This guy is pretty cool.  I play tennis with him  now and then.  He's better than me so he gives out a few pointers now and then.  Aylee is a mellow guy.  I see him watch movies a lot and play ping pong and pool.  I still have a grudge against him for almost destroying my toe nail but no worries.  He helps out a lot when it comes to English homework but when we ask about Spanish, he's pretty clueless.  I know he's smart.  I saw him watch the History Channel and I could tell that he enjoyed it which was pretty creepy to see.






Amanda Brown

Amanda...We get up everyday to walk or run around Marathon.  This one time, we even saw a beaver which was really weird.  Amanda is really lively.  She was here last year too so I'd say that we have some pretty tough history.  I really don't know what to say about that kid.  She grew up so fast that I think I'm going to cry.  So many memories.  I'll miss it man.



Pa Houa Lee

I don't have a lot of dirt on Pa Houa yet but I know something's up.  Don't be fooled.  She may look innocent but we all know better.  Yesterday we found a vase together for the flowers.  It was pretty cool.  I think it was green...lime green.  Oh yeah.  She also has a dead car a an old boyfriend (super old--maybe 20 something).


Pam Gurluski

Pam is a very intellectual person.  I think she might be an only child but I'm not sure.  I can feel it though.  She's very neat and organized and really into stuffed animals.  I saw her room last year; it was pretty sweet.  I wonder if she jaywalks.  Man.  I'm so alone in this world.  Don't jaywalk Pam!!!  Don't jaywalk!!!




Tria Thao

I can't tell when this guy is lying or not because his voice is so monotone.  He's super serious and said we don't "know" him but BIRDY does!  She knows him!  She does!  Tria is so depressing.  He hates himself but he respects himself.  Or so he said.  This guy is a major nerd.  He's married to this chick that he calls Desktop aka his lover aka his computer!!!  That's about all.





Cory McEwen





Dan Line