Text Box: History was a great experience! We had the opportunity to learn about how Christopher Columbus's voyage helped created a trade between the Old and New World. Diseases, animals, vegetables, clothing, and weapons were traded of accidentally brought between the two nations. Many Native Americans died because of diseases from the Old World.  






Text Box: Students' Thoughts
Text Box: "I thought it was very interesting because we were able to learn about our history and how we changed it."    -Sophie LaGrew
"History made me realize the impact that mankind has made on the world we live in today." -Mai Bao Xiong






-The study of how groups work.


Text Box: The social status back then was mainly women with other women and men among themselves. This has changed dramatically over the years. 
Text Box: Sociology was very interesting. We got to learn about different types of groups and how their social statuses made them act a certain way. It forced us to think about issues of everyday life in a different perspective.