Gym Night


    Gym night:  Every Tuesday, we would walk across the street to John Muir Middle School to play our activities.  The activities are:

        - volleyball


      - basketball


    - jogging on the track


    - tennis


    - sit around and talk to friends

For this, we form into groups of six players to play volleyball and for basketball each team has three players.





Team members: ( top left ) Yee Thao, Bau Bai Yang, Mai Moua Xiong, Mai Nou Xiong, Ka Bao Yang, Mai Thao Vue, ( bottom ) Hli Moua

    Starburst was one of the volleyball teams that was playing in the intramural.  Some other teams were: Flubbers, PowerPuff Boys, Bow Down, Whatever, and Don't talk to Me.  All of these teams played really well and competitive.