Meeting new people and forming friendships

     Upward Bound was a great summer program to meet many different kinds of people. As the summer began, new people joined the program. We had students from Ashland, Eau Claire, Green Bay, and Wausau. The new comers were really shy to form friendships. It was up to the former students to make the new comers feel welcome. It was tough to get along with everyone and working together. To make making friends easier, we were always split up into groups to meet different people. As the program proceeds, friendships are formed with each other. Friendship is an important part of this program. Getting to know different people helps you in your classes and other activities. Living together brings everybody closer together. At the end when we all leave, I grantee we will cry or come very close to crying. These friends are probably not forever in life but they will be forever in our hearts.



-Wang Tong Her--Pa Voua Vue--Saly Lor-