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During the 2005 Upward Bound summer program we went on many exciting fieldtrips.

things we went to were....


Jurustic Park contained many life size and miniature animals and plant life made out of scrap metal. There were frogs, flowers and even

Janet Jackson.

A group of us under a garden gateway at FoxFire Gardens.

we learned many techniques of gardening.

    The CVA


The Center for Visual Arts had many paintings by one man they were amazing.

Jason Kratzwald, Weekend Meteorologist

Jason Kratswald showed us around the Wausau News line we saw what a regular day of work was like and even got to try out forecasting the weather in front of a camera.

Tour of Grand Theater in Wausau. We learned how things worked behind the stage, the different lights you can use and different electronic components critical for the plays outcome being the best it can be.


By: Natalie Brooks and Alex Butterfield