Upward Bound ENGLISH  2005 

Playing red light, green light before class.

In English, we stated off with children's books.

Everybody had to choose a foreign children's

book to evaluate and read.

Afterwards we discussed a "Hero's Journey."

A hero's journey includes the four S's:

~ Someone wants Something, Stuff happens

and there is a Solution. We studied

"a hero's journey" with the book

ChueFu and Jer: Dumb Bull and Goddess of the Sky

Arrow to the Sun.

Taking a step away from the "hero" subject,

English dove into teenagers from the 70's to

teenagers today. We used "American Graffiti"

and short stories to evaluate whether or not

teenagers' life is harder now compared to back

then. We then had a choice to write a research

paper of an anecdote paper referring to our

belief of adolescence.

All the while our fun was found in the little

skits and plays Mrs. Greenwood told to us

and some even required our participation.


By: Jer Vang and Mai Yia Her


The boy band acted as ants.