Plays & Dinner theatre

By: Bau Bai Yang & Tswj Av Dawb

    This year's Upward Bound program has finally come to the end of summer.  It is now time for us upward bounders to leave home remembering all the fun memorable things we've enjoyed.  Here are the memorable plays and dinners we had gone to:


   On June 27th, we went over to Wausau West High School and watched a play called "Grease."  It was enjoyable with humorous actors/actresses with all the wonderful singing but it was really really HOT in the auditorium.  For the most part, the student play was fairly accurate in comparison to the movie.  The actors & actresses did proficient roles from the musical.  Also, the play had the audience participate in the beginning as well.  In the end, it turned out to be a fun, remarkable performance.


    On July 18th, UB traveled to a little town called, Harshaw, WI where we settled at Pine Wood Dinner Theatre.  There were lots of people; young ones to elderly ones.  Every Upward Bounder was dressed so elegantly through out the night just for the special occasion.  The play that night was, "The Odd Couple" which was a great performance due to it's reality-like topic.  Also, the food was wonderful including the strawberry shortcake which was delicious.



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