Writing:  Nature

by Yeng Lee, Houa Yang, and Kou Vang

This is what happens after such hard work!

-Getting drawn on is one of the famous doings that students do to sleepers like this this one!!!!!  Hahaha...just Kidding. 

The writing class for Upward Bound this year was full of adventures.  We worked super hard on lots of essays.  Very fun.  For presentations, skits, posters, games, and overheads.  One day, we went outside to write on our reaction to nature, just like nature writer Barry Lopez.  In English class, we were to read and interpret Lopez.  We talked about him for weeks!  Sheesh.  Luckily though, we switched subjects and had lots of fun with punctuation and grammar.

First, we read some of Barry Lopez's short stories and wrote responses.  To respond to it, we went through it specifically by doing projects about it.  Hilarious skits and funny posters were presented to represent a presentation about one of Lopez's paragraphs in his essay.  The paragraph was saying that in order to become one with nature, we were to talk to nature and treat it like a normal person.  If we did that then that place would recognize us so we wouldn't be lonely anymore.  F.Y.I., we think Barry Lopez was an only child so nature consoled him.  Well, since we had an hour to work, work we did.  We worked very very hard!  We even went outside to get props (like branches, grass, and flowers).  We were so excited that....we went first!  Let me tell you.  That was the coolest thing we did for English next to our other skit, "Samurai Spelling BEE!"  Personally, the skit was a bit corny but it was so hilarious because of it.  When I win an Oscar, I would like to thank that skit for making me confident and fearless of making a fool out of myself.  Comprende? 

Although English in general may not be the most exciting subject, it can be exciting if you play with the ideas and be creative.  Think outside the box.  Upward Bound's English class allowed us to think beyond the simple poster.  We brought theater into English class and because of that, it was a heck of a lot of fun!!!!!  Thank you teachers, R.A.'s, and those who made it possible for us to have Upward Bound.  Ciao.


Hmm...Now how did that happen?