By: Chong Lee, Mai Yia Her and Pa Voua Vue


    In Upward bound this summer, we attend a theater class for fun.  When we first enter that theater room, we were all nervous about being on stage.  As the class went we all gain some self confidence in ourselves.  In that class, we learned about Shakespeare and did a little act on one of his book.  The people that was acting the parts did very well.  Before all these acting, we did a lot of exercise to keep us going and moving.  It worked really well because after that everybody participates.  Towards the end we watch a movie called, "The making of Miss Saigon".  That movie was in the late 50's.  It's about a Filipino girl trying out for an Asian girl part in that movie.  She made it in and the movie," Miss Saigon" was a success.  After the class had ended, we all wish for another theater class.    

Comments from some Upward Bound Students:

"Exciting and fun!"-Jer Vang,16

"It was fun when we act"-Jemmy Xiong,16

"It's a great experience"-Chong Lee,15

"I'm surprise that I volunteer to go on stage!"-Mai Yia Her,17

"My favorite part was the acting part!"-Xai Lee,15 and Mini Mai Xiong,15

"It was fun and Active"-Houa Yang,15



An acting skit about nature By: (Left to right)-Houa Yang,15;Yeng Lee,17;Kou Vang,15

Bottom-"It's more fun when you're not the only one having it"