Pictures of Us!

Social Life of Up Bound

This is Lou Yang, Pa Voua Vue, Jeremiah James, and Ka Bao Yang at the fancy dinner party. Along with the bottom group they also had a blast dancing and enjoyed  the guest speaker.    Our social life was full of diversity and excitement.  We were free to chose our friends and encouraged to meet new people.  The shyness caused many tensions but as the weeks drew by, the tension suddenly faded to bonds.  We all lived together for so long that we were like a big family.  We each had our ups and downs everyday but we helped each other to make it  through the month.  Relationships grew and friendships bloomed.            -Vickie Lor-

During my five weeks at UW-Marathon County, I had a blast.  I had a great time meeting new people from Wausau and Eau Claire.  After knowing the people for so long it gets frustrating because you don't like something that they do or how they act. You just have to deal with it since it's part of life.  Being here you take on more responsibility and you learn to respect others.     -  Janny Lor-                                                                   

Over this past five weeks, I've learned a lot about my peers by socializing.  This helps me understand who they really are and not just judge them from their outside.  For them, they get to know me and how I am too.  Adding to that, there were plenty of ups and downs, but we either work through it together right then or just leave it and then just get over it later .  There are also some people that never really talks, but don't give up on them yet.  They will talk when they're ready, or when they're ready to get in with the crowd.                        -Ka Bao Yang-

My experience here was great.  I made lots of new friends from different towns.  I had to learn to get along with other people even though I may not want to.  I had to talk to people I didn't know because I was in there group and needed to communicate to get the work done. When we first arrived, I had some troubles trying to get to know people.                 -Lou Yang-


 Chatting with one another is a really good way to get to know each other better.


This is Chue Fu Vang, Vickie Lor, Rock (ye) Lor, Janny Lor and William Xiong at a fancy dinner.  We had a guest speaker on manners and had a blast dancing. 
Upward bound is a place for diversity...and a helping hand.