The upward bound science this summer was fun, exciting , interesting and a great experience.


We planted six plants, 3 controlled and 3 experiment and compared them at the end. 

bullet We set out a bug trap for 4 weeks than we  examine the bugs. It smelled bad.
bullet Went outside looking for a certain plant (Plantain, Dandelion)
bullet We got these chemicals and mixed them to get this awesome glowing chemical.

"Science class was actually fun.  I never thought I would ever like science.  I think the most interesting experiment we did was the bug experiment.  It was sick and nasty, but it was kind of cool knowing that so many bugs was so attracted to the baits.  Science was so fun this summer if it weren't for so many projects though." 

~xAchOj hER~

Science was different, but I liked all the experiments that we did. I rely liked the glow experiment. Jeremiah J

Science for me was pretty fun I guess. out of all my science classes that i ever took this one was the best one. it was fun and at the same time it was educational.

                                       ~Wichai Vang~





 We had a variety of experiments.


Brasica  Rappa




Looked for plants