What is philosophy?

Brother John Raymond states on The Community of The Monks of Adoration website, philosophy is the study of nature and most importantly, the way people think.  The word philosophy comes from the Greek for "the love of wisdom."  Cultures and societies have been based on certain philosophical theories.  Philosophy can be broken down into four classifications.  They are, synoptics, activists, antinomians, and analytics.  Synoptic philosophers try to understand every event in the largest possible way.  Activists are involved with the planet earth through their philosophy. 

Our experiences:

On July 8, 2004, when we entered the door of the philosophy, we had questions in mind about the class.  A few students wondered, what is philosophy?  About thirty minutes passed after we entered the door, the teacher answered our question that we had in mind.  After a while, she passed out some books about the Greek architecture.  There were pictures and descriptions of the temples and other buildings.  When we came back from a break, she played the movie, "The Lord of The Rings," the cartoon version.   

We learned a few things from watching the movie such as how they looked like, the way they acted, and how those times were.  The teacher taught us how the ancient Greeks built their buildings and the way they lived back then.  She also explained the history about some of the most famous philosophers, Greek and Roman mythology.  At the end class, we left the room with more information than we need about philosophy. 

By:  tsu av dawb, zeb av liab, and sia av xiav