"The experience in math class has been really fun, and interesting.  It was nothing as I have anticipated.  WOW! It was the bomb.  The most important thing I thought to be very useful in life is pattern recognition.  Once you find the pattern to a problem, you can find the solution to it."  


Math class, the time of our life. Math this year in upward bound was awesome. After the weeks of patterns, we started to make tessellations. Our tessellations were from each of all the different kind of tessellations like  translation, reflection, rotation, and dilation. With those four techniques all the upward bound students were able to make different kinds of unique tessellations. This was a great way to get math started with making tessellations.

-[M] [O] [U] [A] {T} {H} {A} {O}-

"Math this summer in upward bound has been great. Its been nothing but fun and more fun. Its very competitive because you mostly work in groups competing against each other. The bridge experiment was the best experiment we did this summer in UB. It took us two weeks to finish building the bridge. After finish building the bridges we get to test them out to see which holds the most weight. The winner of the bridges contest got really cool prizes. This experiment is to test out calculation on measurement and to see how well we work together as a team. the best part of this experiment is that we don't get any math homework that whole week!"

~VeE tHaO

"well, the lesson for today. taco, burrito, look what's coming out of your Speedo! ahahahahahahahaaha

Tessellation By: Kou Vang