Great Memories

U.B. 2004 Field Trips!


   Our Thoughts and Feeling About UB Field Trips

    We had a wide variety of field trips this year at Upward Bound.  We did everything from touring Lambeau Field to getting groovy with other UB programs at a dance in Green Bay.  We also enjoyed touring UWSP and a paper mill (LoL!).  Another enjoyable experience for me, was when we went to Minocqua for the day.  We went high speed go-carting and played mini golf.  After that we went to an exciting play called "Oklahoma".  We have activities and field trips planned every night after our classes are over.  Most of them are very fun and exciting, but others didn't work out too well.

      Like, when we went to a concert in Marathon Park.  When we got there, we seen that the youngest person in the audience was like 60.  It was a good thing that the park was located right on campus, because we walked back and went to our dorms.  This program has changed all of our lives, and it has made our summer fun and exciting.  we got to try new things, and have experiences that we may never otherwise of had if we didn't join this program.  I didn't think I would ever get to kiss the turf in Lambeau Field, or be on live radio to a rockin' radio station.  It is all thanks to Upward Bound and the people that make this program possible.  Thank you!

Jared B. 

          I feel that upward bound has helped me in many ways, not only was it fun and exciting but it was very educational.  When I first came here I thought that this program was going to be all about fun and meeting new people which it was, but it was also about doing well in school.  It helped me a lot because I learned about new things in the subjects that I was weak at and I experienced a lot of on hand things in the classes which was awesome! This program introduces many things other than just education.  Students in this program are taken out of town to visit many industries such as the Mosinee paper mill and Public Services. Many universities are also introduced to the students.    I recommend this program to all students that are looking forward to a successful career! 

                  Thank You For Your Time,

                   Xai Lee

      The upward bound program has been very helpful to me.  This experience has helped me in communicating more with others that I don't know.  This summer went by very fast because it turned out to be blast.  This summer was fun all thanks to the field trips that we went to.  At first I thought that none of these field trips would be fun but when we actually get there, I can't believe how much fun I had.  I have never been this outgoing before and I'm proud that these activities got me more opened up with other people that I don't know well.  The field trip that I liked the most is when we went to Minocqua for mini- golfing and to watch the play "Oklahoma".  I didn't do anything at the Minocqua trip but it turned out to be fun anyways because it was fun watching the other peoples racing on the go- carts.  I think that without field trips, we would have not lasted long and time would past by very slow.  Field trips is such a good idea for this experience at Upward Bound.

                                                    Mai Xiong