Art is not a thing; it is a way.

-Elbert Hubbard


Here are some comments from some of the UB students:

"Art class was fun and very interesting."-Chong Lee

"Art was a blast!  Since I'm very devoted to art, this class had to be one of the  most fun and exciting classes we took this  summer!"-Mai Ka Chang

"My favorite part was drawing on the sidewalk because this was a once and a life time chance to draw with others  and a teacher you don't even know."-Pa Sheng Lee

"It was fun."-Mai Xiong & Xai Lee

"I liked drawing the pictures."  -Xachoj Her

"This class made me feel alive!"-Chue Fue Vang

"Art class was the bomb because we got to know     what art really meant."-Yee Thao



In the period of five weeks that we attended Upward Bound, us students were only given one class day of art.  Mr. Ryan Priebe had three hours to enlighten us with the meaning of art (art is a type of language).  Mr. Priebe taught us a little about the history of tessellations. 

Trying to awaken his soundless class, he planned a game called charades; everyone participated.  The meaning behind this game was to have the students express themselves and to learn that there is more than one type of art.  Acting out something is also called performance art. 

Afterwards, Mr. Priebe planned some hands-on activities.  He led the class to Marathon Park (right outside of the university) to pick out nature objects that represent an important part of themselves.  After picking out the objects, Mr. Priebe requested that everyone shared their reasons for picking that object.  Then the class drew sidewalk drawings that intertwined with the object they chose.  He also had them explain their drawings and tell what were in them.  As the three hour class came to an end, everyone had agreed that the class time went by fast.  THIS CLASS WAS THE BOMB!!!!!

Jared Bayliss' drawing of a funky rabbit to show that he's jokey.

Drawings made by Sophie Her, Mai Bao Xiong, and Song Xiong.

This drawing is made by Skye Harshman.  Each petal symbolizes my friends and family.