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    Skye Harshman, Birdy Lee, & Autumn Gouge

Upward Bound in Action

Jer Vang and Jared Bayliss in Green Bay salsa dancing.

Quote: Jared Bayliss

"Shaking my thang was groovy baby!!!!"


Quote: Jer Vang

" Dancing with Jared was exciting because he really knows how to move."


Green Bay was exciting meeting new people from the other Upward Bound programs.




          Everyone had a wonderful time in Upward Bound! We all made new friends, experienced new things and enjoyed our five weeks here at UWMC! The RA's included a variety of different activities for us to do. Some dealt with a lot of teamwork and communication which helped bring us  together as a big family. Everyday our relationships with one another  grew and we got to know  each other very well.

         Activities :

Baseball game
Concert in the garden
Lambeau Field trip
Relays and scavenger hunts
Gym nights (volleyball-basketball)
Minocqua (mini golfing - go-cart racing)

         These activities took place in the evening after school and dinner. Our activities lasted anywhere between one to four hours at a time.


          Out of the the five weeks we went to three dances. They took place in Wausau at the Grand Theatre, and the Rose Garden.  Then another one at UW Green Bay with other Upward Bound


         Everyone loved going to the movies. We were trusted by the RA's to go to a movie that we were interested in by ourselves. We were able to go without an RA having to tag along.  We respected the RA's rules. (We were able to go a second time.)

                           ~  ~

        We are all looking forward to do these fun activities again next summer.


                             ~    ~


1st in the lead,

Nyia Lor


Samuel James


Jared Bayliss

Go People Go!!!



Left To Right:

Amanda, Megan, Pam, Candi, Aylee, & Dan

Quote: UWMC Upward Bound Students

"Thank you for spending the summer with us. We enjoyed it."